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Tuition Fees

$427 per year
1 Class Per Week

$65 /

$617 per year
2 Classes Per Week

$80 /

$760 per year
3 Classes Per Week

$95 /

$902 Per Year
4 Classes Per Week

$110 /

$1045 per year
5 to 6 Classes per week

$120 /

$1140 per year
7 to 8 Classes per week

For 9+ Classes per week, the fees are $130/month or $1170/year.



New Students pay a $25.00 registration fee, which is due at registration.  A new student in anyone who did not dance at BTS the previous year.

The dance year consists of 9 months of classes.  Tuition is due by the 15th of each month.  Tuition is based on a yearly total which is broken down into monthly installments for your convenience.  Therefore, tuition payments remain the same amount each month and are NOT pro-rated according to your attendance or holidays.  All students have the option of making up ay class that is missed for any reason.  Your teacher can advise you on the best class to take in order to "make-up" classes.

The following policies will be strictly enforced this year:

  • A $5.00 late fee is added to any payment received after the 1st of the following month for which it is due.
  • A $20.00 fee is due for any checks returned to BTS marked NSF or account closed.
  • Full tuition is due for the months of September through May.
  • Recital fees are $35.00 for one child or $65.00 if you have more than one child enrolled in classes.
  • Students with outstanding balances WILL NOT be permitted to participate in either the dress rehearsal or the recital at the end of the year.
  • Visa, Mastercard and AmEx are accepted at BTS.
If an account becomes two months delinquent, class will be denied to your child until FULL payment is made.