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  • "...praise Him with Tamborine and DANCING."

    Psalm 150:4
  • "Let them praise his Name with DANCING..."

    Psalm 149:3
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Student Handbook Information

  • Dress Code
  • Class Observation
  • Safety Guidelines
  • Lobby Etiquette
  • Ballet - solid colored leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers
  • Jazz - solid colored leotard, tights, black jazz shoes
  • Lyrical - solid colored leotard, tights, lyrical shoes
  • Have hair fixed properly.  Ages 3 - 9: Hair should be secured away from the face.  Ponytail is acceptable.  Ages 10 and older: Hair should be secured away from the face and up in a bun.
  • Ballet ages 10 and older: Skirts can be worn for center work only!

Parents are never discouraged from observing classes at the studio.  However, the teachers request that you observe the classroom from the observation windows located in the lobby and not by entering the dance studios.  Too many adults in the classroom during instruction is confusing to the students, especially at a young age.  If your child is not able to separate from you during their allotted class time, they will need to wait until next year to enroll in dance classes.

If you need to speak with one of the teachers, please set up a time apart from the regular class time for conferences.  The teachers are very limited in their time between classes and any discussions about a student are best done when the teacher is not rushed and there are no other students present.


For the safety of your children, we DO NOT allow the students to stand outside the building waiting for parents to pick them up.  All students are required to remain in the lobby until their parents arrive in the parking lot.  The younger children will remain in the dance room when their class is finished if the parent is not present.  Please advise your teacher when a student will be riding home with someone other than the parent.  Students are not to be dropped off any sooner than 15 minutes prior to their first class.  The teachers are not responsible for baby sitting any students either before or after class time.  The front door remains locked until 30 minutes prior to the first class each day.

Please park your car in the parking spaces provided...do not park at the end of the sidewalk or parallel to the lot next door. This causes severe traffic jams.

  • Loud voices can be heard in the studios. Please do not tap or knock on the observation windows during class.
  • Siblings should remain in the lobby with waiting parents.
  • Do not open the studio doors when class is in session.
  • Please do not answer the telephone.
  • Clean up after yourself and your children.
  • Do not enter the office, sewing room, or storage room unless a studio representative is present.
  • Do not stand on furniture or window sills.
  • Do not swing on the glass doors.
  • Absolutely no gum or colored drinks are allowed in the building.

Dates to Remember

19 Oct 2018 00:00 – 23:59

11 May 2019 00:00 – 23:59

Our Faculty and Staff

  • Cheryl Black

    Cheryl Black

    Owner | Teaches Ballet, Pointe, and Advanced Techniques
  • Cindy Ellis

    Cindy Ellis

    Office Manager
  • Susan LeBrecque

    Susan LeBrecque

    Teaches Jazz and Lyrical
  • Parma Rishel

    Parma Rishel

    Teaches Ballet, Jazz, and Lyrical
  • Shannon Black

    Shannon Black

    Teaches Ballet and Contemporary
  • Katelyn Clark

    Katelyn Clark

    Teaches Ballet
  • Nancy Miller

    Nancy Miller

    Teaches Jazz, Lyrical, and Contemporary
  • We are so grateful to our amazing Staff and Faculty.

Faculty and Staff Contact

We kindly ask that you please direct any questions you have to our office, and not to the Faculty's personal cell phones. Our office number is 228.822.0490.  If we are unavailable, you can leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Please make sure to check your emails and text alerts as well, or let us know in the office if you need to sign up to receive them. Many questions can be answered in the newsletters and alerts we send out.

Studio Closings

If a teacher needs to miss a class due to injury or illness, every attempt will be made to find a substitute for class. In extreme emergencies or inclement weather, the studio may have to close. Messages are routinely left on the studio answering machine in this event. Please check the messages any time you are unsure of holidays, studio closings, or special events.

If the studio has to close for inclement weather, some of our holiday closings may change in order to make up any missed days. You will be notified if this should occur.

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Costume Days

We set up photo days, usually over a weekend, here at the studio for those students interested in having their picture taken in their recital costume. These photos can also be used for the personal advertisements in our souvenir program. Pictures will be scheduled for the month of March.

Contact us

(228) 822-0490

9334 Three Rivers Road, Gulfport, MS 39503